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Volume 15, Issue 42  | May 26, 2023Subscribe

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Letters to the Editor

We’re not “over-reacting NIMBYs,” we just want our voice and concerns to be heard early on

I attended the recent LBUSD Facilities Study Session and respectfully disagree with Mr. Johnson’s characterization of the high school neighbors as over-reacting NIMBYs. Comments at that meeting were directed toward the School Board as well as LBUSD leadership.

At the September 22 board meeting regarding facilities, the board president recommended that impacted neighbors of the high school be included on the facilities ad hoc planning committee. The superintendent declined that guidance, “It would be premature to have that kind of voice in the room…once we get to actual project development we will reach(?) out.”

LBUSD is exempt from many Laguna Beach codes and city oversight boards. They don’t adhere to the same “good neighbor” lighting codes, building and parking, city noise ordinances, or certain approval processes.

The March 24, 2023 meeting was minimally noticed and actively promoted within a special interest group. The agenda included only artists’ renderings, cost estimates and scope of work descriptions. Importantly, only ONE set of “plans” were presented. No mention of alternatives, input sources, impacts, or methodology. So, with that dearth of information, neighbors attended the session to learn more and, yes, voice their opinion. Public comments were only taken prior to the staff presentation.

A refusal to allow resident input, a single option proposal, no considered alternatives, no impact assessment, all from an entity that enjoys reduced city oversight. Yes, there were individuals concerned about this massive intensification of use proposal, many of whom have been good neighbors for years to the school facilities.

The Core Values for the LBUSD include “responsible to…the community.” Other policy sections reference “two-way communication with all stakeholders,” “surrounding community” and “that district facilities fit harmoniously and attractively into their neighbors.” 

An open exchange of information and participation by ALL stakeholders would have yielded a much better start for the project. I agree with Mr. Johnson, we can’t just sit around and do nothing…let’s do it right. 

Gary Kasik

Laguna Beach


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